My Breeding Goal


When I bought my first Bichon, Grace, she was such an amazing dog, I told my husband that I wanted to purchase a male Bichon and breed them. After months of research, and talking to tons of experienced breeder’s, I found just the right breeder to purchase my male from.  Jacob is an incredible dog, and I feel extremely honored to have him.

 I still continued to research dog breeding as there is so much to learn.  I am so grateful for the internet. I have studied the proper way to breed a dog, and I have learned what is important to do, and more important, what not to do.    As with everything else in my life, I put my all into it, and I feel I am a well educated dog breeder. Even though I have only been doing this for 6 years, I feel quite comfortable when it comes time to whelp a litter of puppies.

My love for this breed has brought me to owning 8 Bichon’s.  

Bichon’s are such an amazing breed of dog; they are wonderful with kids, adults, other dogs & cats. They do not require a lot of training or walking. They do have some grooming requirements that have to be met on a weekly basis, or you could run into a problem with their coat matting.  Their ears also need to be kept clean so they do not develop ear infections.  This is not hard to do, and I will show you a quick and easy way to keep their ears clean, when you take your puppy home with you. 

Bichon’s are very easy to train. They are a very intelligent dog.    You can decide to train your Bichon to do many tricks, or you can train your Bichon to do a few behavior modification things. It is up to you. But they do need rules and boundaries.  They are not happy running the household.  They need to know what they can and cannot do, and by setting these boundaries, it gives them the opportunity to make you happy, which is what they mostly want to do.  Their goal in life is: 1. to love you and be loved back, and 2. to make you happy every day.

My dogs are my family members. I treat them with respect, kindness, and I try to give them the best life possible.  My main goal for my dogs is: to love and be loved. I choose to breed them because I know there are people out there that are looking for a great family pet. I really think that every house and every family should have a Bichon. Who wouldn’t want that happy face waiting for you when you get home from work or being out? Who wouldn’t want to sit & watch TV, or read a book, with a loyal friend sitting on your lap? Who wants to go for a ride in the car all alone? A Bichon would love to go with you. So you see that I have chosen to breed an all around great dog, with minimal health problem, and a long life span, up to 15 years. I guess I just can’t say enough about this breed that is why I breed them. That is my breeding goal.

I am always talking to other breeders and my Veterinarian, and research the internet to learn more. Most of all my days are spent with my dogs, as I am a stay at home Bichon Mom. If you have any question please feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting my website, please sign my guest book.

Love being a Bichon Breeder,

Danielle Robinette