Health Guarantee 

We guarantee that every puppy is healthy when it leaves here.  If you take your puppy to the vet within 7 days after you pick up the puppy, and the vet finds an unforeseen congenital abnormality, I allow you to pick out a different puppy, as available.  Our puppies & dogs have not been exposed to infectious diseases here.  If your puppy is exposed to an infectious disease after it leaves here, this is not covered under the health guarantee.  Please pay particular attention to this if you have recently lost a dog or puppy!  Infectious diseases are not covered by our health guarantee, as we have no control over what the puppy is exposed to after it leaves our home.  We also cannot guarantee that your puppy will never develop any health problems, just like a pediatrician cannot guarantee that a child will never develop any health problems in the future. Some things are just not able to be predicted.  Our parents are free of diseases, disorders, and health problems, or we would not breed them.  That means the puppies are less likely to develop problems.  However, we can't guarantee that puppies will never develop a problem.