Male vs Female



Most people are interested in a female as they think females don’t mark. Well they do mark. I try to get people interested in my puppies to understand that the males are wonderful dogs if trained right. First they must be neutered when around 4 months. Any dog that messes in the house needs to be reprimanded. I personally have 2 neutered male dogs. One is Oliver which Oliver’s story is here on my website. He was my first preemie that survived. Then I had Jordan who was the hugest puppy I ever had. I just fell in love with him & couldn’t part with him. These two boys sleep right next to me at night. If I am in my recliner Jacob will lay on the back of the chair & he hangs his head down & breaths in my ear. I feel the love he is giving me, it just oozes from him. When I lost my beloved German Shepherd, Samson at 9 years old to cancer, I sat on the edge of my bed for 2 weeks crying. Jordan sat on my lap and licked away my tears he never moved unless I did. I have a whole new respect for him now, nobody loves me as much as he does. The girls are sitting on my lap or in bed with me & I love my girls dearly but the bond you have with a male far outweighs the bond with a female. I mean it is like the boys just worships you, you can see it when you look into their eyes. You don’t get that from the girls. It is true with a female you can put bows in their hair & put pretty dresses on them. It is just like children, boys clothes are just clothes but girl’s clothes is fun & amazing. Well you can always put a nice bandana around the boy’s neck to dress them up. I just want people to know what boys are great dogs too. This last litter born in November, I had reservations for 5 females & between 2 litters I only got three females. It was very difficult for me to contact the last 2 families to tell them that they didn’t get a female. Lucky for the one family they decided to take a male, they are going to be so happy with him. I hope I have helped people understand that boys are amazing too.



A lot of breeders charge more for a female because they can get that price as females are more popular than boys. I don’t charge any more for my females because I think the boys & girls are equally great dogs. It just doesn’t seem fair to charge more for girls than boys.